Game Learning

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Brand’s Challenges

Game Learning had only a mission and a game when we started working together. The challenge was to create a brand and platform that would entice educators and children into learning history with modern day video games. The last educational video game hit was Oregon Trail, and many other companies have tried to break into the education market and failed. We needed to do it better and successfully.

UX Design Solutions

I created the branding to give a fresh take on the modern, slick feel of AAA title companies like Activision and EA, all while using colors that were inventing, technological and evoking excitement. The website was a large business tool to educate and convince interested administrators that Game Learning would be a great educational tool and not just an empty game.

Overall Impact

Game Learning received huge recognition amongst partners, investors, and educators. They are currently in talks to close deals that will bring the platform to schools across the nation.

Launched Website View Now